House of Raeford FLOCK funds transportation and local businesses and churches provide volunteers for Riverbank Elementary students in Beyond Goals after-school soccer skills program

Just over 100 Riverbank Elementary students will take to the field this Thursday to demonstrate the soccer skills they’ve learned as participants in the Beyond Goals after-school program. But many of the other benefits these first- through fifth-graders are learning from the program – offered by Riverbank and sponsored by several area businesses – are […]


Fresh chicken sale – place your orders today for Holland Avenue Baptist Church Preschool Chicken Fundraiser

Today – Friday Sept. 23 – is the last day to place orders for the Holland Avenue Baptist Church Preschool fundraiser. The chicken comes as tenders, legs, or wings. Each box contains 4 bags (40 pounds – 4 10 pound bags- in all.) It’s fresh, uncooked chicken. So, you can get 40 pounds of tenders […]


House Of Raeford’s Flock donates composters to Lexington 2 fifth-graders

Dawn Kujawa – Lexington Two Communications – Gardening may be wrapping up for the season, but fifth-graders in Lexington Two already have their thoughts on the coming growing season. That’s because all 32 fifth-grade classes across the district are receiving tumbling garden waste soil composters, donated by the House of Raeford and FLOCK, its charitable […]