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House Of Raeford’s Flock donates composters to Lexington 2 fifth-graders

Dawn Kujawa – Lexington Two Communications – Gardening may be wrapping up for the season, but fifth-graders in Lexington Two already have their thoughts on the coming growing season.

That’s because all 32 fifth-grade classes across the district are receiving tumbling garden waste soil composters, donated by the House of Raeford and FLOCK, its charitable arm. 

“It is exciting for us to partner with the students to learn about agriculture,” said Chuck Underhill,   FLOCK’s coordinator.  “Investing in soil, learning how to grow food, harvesting and enjoying what comes from the effort is all part of a miraculous process.  And we look forward to the opportunities for this investment to expand into other areas.”

Lexington Two fifth-graders are currently investigating matter cycles and will be challenged to develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment. The composters from House of Raeford will allow classes to investigate real matter cycles throughout the school year and create sustainable soil that can be placed in school gardens across the district this spring.

FLOCK coordinator Chuck Underhill (standing, second from right) joined Cayce Elementary fifth-grade teacher Nina Sullivan (standing, second from lef) and her students, Lexington Two Superintendent Dr. Nicolas Wade (standing, third from left) and other Cayce Elementary administrators and district administrators for Friday’s delivery of the composter to the school.

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