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What has happened in West Columbia in the last year and what is coming in 2024?

January provides a good opportunity to see what has happened in the year that just ended and a chance to see what you can look forward to in the new year. 

Public Relations Director Anna Huffman addresses council.

At a Special West Columbia City Council meeting on Dec. 18, West Columbia City Administrator Brian Carter and City Staff presented a year-end report – with images – regarding the progress of City Council’s Goals and Priorities list.

“We’re sharing updates on our achievements and the present status of every goal or priority outlined for the fiscal year 22-23,” Brian Carter, West Columbia City Administrator, informed the council. “Our dedicated city staff is diligently working to fulfill each goal while actively progressing with our ongoing goals and priorities.”

The list of items, on the final report, with current updates, are included below:

  •  Expanded Sewer Service and the installation of a sewer lift station on Sunset Boulevard (US 378) near Henbet Drive. The lift station was put into operation in December. It will make more commercial and residential development possible in the area.
  • Crosswalks have been added in the River District at: Court and State; Spring and State; and Norfolk and State; and Alexander Road.
  • The city also applied for 3 SCDOT grants to improve 3 crosswalks on Meeting Street, State Street and Sunset Boulevard.
  • The flashing beacon at Meeting and Leaphart streets enhances safety for pedestrians coming from the Capital Square parking lot to the area of the Interactive Art Park. City staff will continue to work with SCDOT to improve pedestrian safety and add signage in the area.
  • About 68 new street lights have been added on Meeting Street from Lucas Street to 12th Street for improved pedestrian safety. The West Columbia Beautification Foundation has added landscaping along Charleston Highway, between 12th Street and Meeting Street. Decorative planters have been placed on State and Meeting streets.
  • The city has collaborated with SCDOT to install 4-Way Stop signs on B Avenue; C Avenue; Augusta Street; 7th Street; Center Street; and Shuler Street. West Columbia Police are monitoring the site around the signs to gauge impact.
  • Using ARPA funds the city will install a landscaped island on Meeting Street and dedicated turn lanes, and on-street parking. The $3.5 million project to enhance River District access is scheduled to begin in early 2024.
  • The city received a $288,000 “Safe Streets for All” grant to enhance walkability, accessibility, and safety of city streets. It will be directed toward the US 1 and Dreher Road intersection. 
  • The WECO Fountain in Triangle City is getting new lighting, signage and landscaping. Landscaping has also been added around the “Welcome to West Columbia” and “Triangle City” signs.
  • Twelve bike racks with the City’s new logo have been placed throughout the city.
  • WeCo Faces and WeCo Places banners have been placed on 12th Street light poles in Triangle City. Christmas banners have also been placed on 12th Street.
  • TAP grant funds have been secured to add a sidewalk along Center Street from Savage Craft Ale Works to State Street. It will be part of the West Metro Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Six solar-powered speed limit signs have been added at various locations to reduce speeding.
  • In the New Brookland Mill Village, 13,000 linear feet of water line is being installed and fire protection is being increased.
  • City staff have plans to remove dead trees, vines and underbrush at the US 1 and I-26 interchange in early 2024. Landscaped medians are also planned for US 1.
  • New plantings will be added along 12th Street from Sunset Boulevard to Jarvis Klapman Boulevard.
  • The city organizes a spring litter pick-up event and in the fall holds a recycling day.
  • An aesthetically pleasing privacy fence is being planned for the city’s Public Works Facility. The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2024.
  • B Avenue and Butler Parks are being upgraded with: new fencing; new restroom facilities; a new press box; a pickleball court; re-striping of basketball courts; demolishing old buildings; and constructing picnic shelters.
  • Collaborated with Brookland-Lakeview Empowerment Center to bring the Columbia Children’s Theatre to West Columbia.
  • The sculptures in the Interactive Art Park will be replaced and refurbished with new sculptures in 2024.
  • Opened Bark West Dog Park in February 2023. It now has 250 members.
  • Design Phase of the Pedestrian Bridge and Park Access at the Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Gardens began in 2023.
  • Parking lot to the Moffatt Street entrance to Riverwalk has been resurfaced with bike racks and fitness equipment installed.

So if you’re wondering what will happen in the City of West Columbia in the New Year, look at the list. And stay tuned to West Columbia City Council to see what else may be coming. It’s sure to be exciting moving forward. 

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