West Columbia woman, 82, accosts CNN’s Jim Acosta at Trump rally

Maria Rojas

Maria Rojos is not a fan of CNN news personalty Jim Acosta. At Monday’s visit by President Donald Trump to support Gov. Henry McMaster, she let Acosta know how she felt.
Rojas, 82 was seen, in an animated way, giving Acosta a piece of her mind. The ardently pro-Trump crowd loved it and cheered Rojas. She even became a bit of a celebrity later in the evening, working sections of the arena, eliciting cheers, holding up McMaster and Trump signs. Some stopped to congratulate Rojas and give the diminutive woman a hug.

Rojas, who lives in West Columbia, was born in Spain. She said she came to the United States in 1963 after she married a U.S. Marine.

“He disrespects President Trump,” Rojas said. She said Acosta, who has been combative in press conferences with Trump, is offensive with his attacks on Trump. The president has called CNN fake news. Rojas said she thinks CNN reports “garbage.”

As for Acosta, he seemed to take the tongue-lashing in good nature. Acosta later shook hands with Trump and McMaster supporters and posed for photos.

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