West Columbia Police response time and DUI arrests decline in December as calls-for-service increase, according to monthly statistics report

The West Columbia Police Department released statistics for the month of December, Tuesday.

According to the report, officers responded to 3,542 calls-for-service in December compared to 2,760 calls-for-service responses in November. Response time declined in December to 4:58, compared to 6:04 in November.

Vehicle-related stats showed Sunset Boulevard at Fairlane Drive was the intersection with the most collisions in December with 4. There were 3 crashes at Augusta Road at Watling Road and 3 crashes at Augusta Road at Leslie Drive. There were 2 December crashes were at Augusta Road and Chris Drive.

The WCPD worked fewer collisions in December than in the previous two months. Officers responded to 91 collisions in December compared to 107 in November and 112 in October. Police conducted 268 traffic stops and made 67 arrests. Officers wrote 211 citations and issued 134 warnings.

There were 9 DUI arrests in December compared to 13 in November. There were 14 vehicle thefts, compared to 7 in November and 19 vehicle break-ins, compared to 10 the month before. Only 5 percent (1) of the vehicle break-ins used forced entry.

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