West Columbia merchants looking forward to Kinetic Derby Day, April 22 – Registration Information

The 4th Annual Kinetic Derby Day is Saturday, April 22. On that day, State and Meeting streets in West Columbia will be filled with thousands of people coming together for a celebration.

Kinetic Derby Day features art, soapbox racing, and an obstacle course and is intended to spur creative thinking, competition, and family as teams unite to build unusual vehicles and awe-inspiring art installations.

George and Jay Always Original Bakery

The Kinetic Derby Day Parade, on Kinetic Derby Day, is a chance to show your creativity through a Kinetic Sculpture. This year participants are encouraged to put on an 80s costume and hop on a bike and join the parade to the delight of your family and the community.

Merchants in West Columbia’s River District are highly anticipating Kinetic Derby Day.

“Kinetic Derby Day is the busiest day of the year for me,” said Lainie Lewis, owner of State Street Trading Co. at 134 State St. “It’s a day that I have customers from all over coming into my shop. It’s a great opportunity to expand my clientele list.” 

Lewis also said she will be debuting the work of Brenda Peake. Peake is a local artist and the retired owner of Parkland Cakes. 

Around the corner from State Street Trading Co., George Grogan, owner of Always Original Bakery at 501 Meeting Street, is already making plans for April 22. 

“We love Kinetic Derby Day,” Grogan said. “We’re baking lots and we’ll be open the entire day.”

Lainie Lewis State Street Trading Co.

The mini-cake bites, seven flavors, are a favorite at Always Original Bakery and Grogan said there will be a variety of treats available on Kinetic Derby Day.  “There are always lots of (soapbox) race spectators around the bakery,” he said. “We get a lot of foot traffic and for some it’s how they discover us. And when they find out about us, they come back.”

In the same complex as Always Original is Pedigo Electric Bikes. This year’s Kinetic Derby Day is Owner Coker Key’s first. 

“I’ve heard about the huge crowd that Kinetic Derby Day attracts,” said Day. 

He said Pedigo also has a soapbox car in the race.  “We’re really excited about it,” said Day. “We’re looking forward to it and we’ll be prepared for lots of traffic. We’ll have all hands on deck for Kinetic Derby Day.”

Kathy Foster, Houston Nordan of Nordan’s Trim Shop

Kathy Foster, and her son Houston Nordan, own Nordan’s Trim Shop at 500 Meeting Street.  

At last year’s Kinetic Derby Day we gave away 250 hot dogs and a whole cake from Always Original Bakery,” Foster said. 

Foster, who is also the president of the WECO River District Merchants Association, said Nordan’s will set up a tent in front of the shop again this year to give away hot dogs and cake. “

We’re celebrating 72 years in business for Nordan’s Trim Shop,” she said. 
Foster said the 

WECO River District Merchants Association has entered a soapbox car in the race. “It’s going to be a very big day for West Columbia,” she said. “We’re very excited about Kinetic Derby day and we’re really looking forward to it.” 

More Kinetic Derby Day Information

Soap Box Race
Register to race your own soapbox car down Meeting St. In this traditional side-by-side gravity power race, you’re sure to have fun with the whole team. Click for Soap Box Registration 

Kinetic Sculpture Parade
Whether you want to show your creativity through a Kinetic Sculpture or put on an 80s costume and hop on a bike. This parade is delight to your family and the community.  Click for  Kinetic Sculpture Parade Registration 

Obstacle Course
They are officially allowing petal power to the obstacle course. So if you want to include your soapbox car or kinetic sculpture just be sure your build abides by both sets of rules and you can participate in both. Click for Obstacle Course Registration

Volunteer Signup

Want to join the Kinetic Derby Day fun without building something? Sign up to volunteer and participate in all the fun. Click for Volunteer Signup

Register now to be a part of the best day of the year so you will not miss out on all the fun that Kinetic Derby Days brings to West Columbia.

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