West Columbia City Council moves to annex nuisance property on Pinecrest Avenue

At Tuesday’s West Columbia City Council meeting, council passed “First Reading Consideration of an Ordinance to Annex a Total of .49 Acres of Property”…(Also Known as 110 Pinecrest Ave., West Columbia.)

The property, that sits off of Augusta Road near the Murphy’s gas station, is the source of a high number of law enforcement calls. Councilman Mike Green applauded the move by council to annex the property that is called a “homeless encampment.”

There has been a stabbing, a shooting and a fire in the vicinity of the county property that is full of shopping carts and other debris. When the property is under the City of West Columbia jurisdiction, it can be policed by the city.

Below is a social media post from Green after the vote to annex the property was cast:

Mayor (Tem) Miles’ proactive approach to governance has facilitated open communication and collaboration among stakeholders, enabling the city to effectively address complex issues like the homeless encampment and trash accumulation at 110 Pinecrest Avenue.

By leveraging the diverse expertise and perspectives within the city administration, Mayor Miles and the City Council have created a framework for effective problem-solving and decision-making. Tonight’s annexation of the property at 110 Pinecrest Avenue serves as a tangible testament to the positive outcomes that can be achieved through collaborative effort and shared vision.

Miles, Green and City Administrator Brian Carter lauded Assistant City Administrator Michelle Dickerson and Director of Economic Development BJ Unthank for bringing the appropriate parties together needed to get the property annexed so it could be brought under control. (Photos from Councilman Mike Green video)

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