WCPD July data released: 84 collisions; 8 DUI arrests and 505 traffic stops

The West Columbia Police Department received 3,131 calls for service in July. West Columbia Police Chief Marion Boyce has released data for the month from the WCPD.

In the time period there were: 3 collisions at Augusta Road and Wade Street; 3 collisions at Augusta Road and Leaphart Road; 2 collisions at Sunset Blvd and Leaphart Road and 2 collisions at Sunset Blvd and Chris Drive.

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There were: 505 traffic stops; 332 reports; 63 arrests; 290 citations; 310 warnings; and 84 collisions.
There were 10 vehicle break-ins; 7 burglaries; 1 catalytic converter theft; 8 DUIs; and 10 vehicle thefts.
The average response time was 6:05.

The top calls for July were suspicious person (225); alarm (156); larceny (97); accident (93); and disturbance (81.)
There were 10 thefts from vehicle and in 9 of those no force was used.

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