Updated list of candidates filing to run in Lexington County

The filing period in Lexington County began March 16, for local and state offices. Vote-button-i

The filing period is open until March 30. Primaries are scheduled for June 14. If there are runoff elections, those would be held June 28. The General Election is Nov. 8.

“D” denotes Democrat, all others are Republicans. “I” denote incumbent.

The list of Lexington County filers:

Lexington County


Jay Koon (i)

John Elkin – Constitution Party – (withdrew from race on March 21)


Lexington County Council

District 1:

Jim Kinard (i)

Scotty Whetstone


District 3:

Darrell Hudson, Brad Matthews and Colin Thain


District 4:

Debbie Summers (i)

Gene Wilbur


District 5:

Brian Duncan

Bobby Keisler (i)


District 6: 

Erin Long Bergeson

Ronald Derrick

Benjamin Stitely

Dino Teppara



Chris Harmon (i)


Clerk of Court:

Lisa Comer

Emily Hinson

Mollie Taylor



Margaret Fisher (i)

Glenn Ross


Register of Deeds:

Rich Bolen

Joyce Munsch

Tina Guerry


11th Circuit Solicitor:

Rick Hubbard

Candice Lively

Larry Wedekind



Jim Eckstrom (i)


U.S. House of Representatives

Second District:

Arik Bjorn (D)

Phil Black (D)

Eddie McCain (American Party)

Joe Wilson (i).


S.C. Senate

District 23:

Katrina Shealy (i)


District 26:

Nikki Setzler (D) (i)


S.C. House of Representatives

District 39:

Cal Forrest

Ralph Kennedy (i),

Tillman Gives (D)


District 69:

Ryan Holt

Rick Quinn (i)

Michael Petrone (D)


District 85:

Bryan Clifton

Chip Huggins (i)


District 87:

Todd Atwater (i)


District 88:

Mac Toole (i)


District 89:

Bill Banning

Micah Caskey

Billy Oswald

Rosemounda “Peggy” Butler (D)


District 96:

Perry Finch

Kit Spires (i)

S.C. House District 93:

Russell Ott (D)  (i)

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