UPDATE: Dominion Energy has begun draining water from cofferdam on the Congaree River

The cofferdam has been built and water is being pumped from the area of the first cofferdam on the Congaree River. The cofferdam was constructed at the Gervais Street Bridge.

  • The SC Department of Health and Environmental Control has provided an update. As of late August, Dominion Energy has:
    Completed the rock cofferdam for Area 1
  • Armored the cofferdam with a concrete injected liner to provide additional strength in the event of an overtopping
  • Dominion Energy will:
  • Drain the entrapped water
  • Relocate mussels from the dammed area

The clean-up of tar is being conducted on a portion of the river that could contain Confederate Army unexploded ordinances disposed of in February 1865, during The Civil War. It’s possible that unexploded ordinances are buried in the sediment.

Removing the coal tar will allow for more access to the river, and the opportunity for increased residential development, between the Gervais and Blossom Street bridges.

SC DHEC photo

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