Threats made to Lexington School District 1 Technology Center, River Bluff High School and White Knoll High School

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is looking into a potential threat made today at Lexington Technology Center. Law enforcement personnel has been in communication with Lexington County School District One administration throughout the morning.

No credible threat has been found, however, as part of the work to ensure a safe environment for students and faculty, extra deputies are on campus assisting with the investigation. Multiple law enforcement agencies are dealing with similar situations today. School districts will send out information for parents regarding their students.

The Lexington Police Department sent out a news alert, Thursday morning. It read:

First and foremost, everyone who is on the campus of River Bluff High School is safe. However, classes have been switched to a virtual e-learning day due to a threat that was sent via email this morning. This is so law enforcement can properly conduct searches of the campuses as a precaution.

Please follow Lexington County School District One for further instructions regarding the dismissal of children.

At 10:14 a.m., the Lexington Sheriff’s Department said it is also investigating a potential threat made at White Knoll High School. Extra deputies are on campus.

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