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Tartan Day South and John Banks touted for success at the Cayce-West Columbia Chamber of Commerce Breakfast

Tartan Day South and Director John Banks were recognized by the Greater Cayce-West Columbia Chamber of Commerce. The presentation was conducted at the Chamber’s monthly Business Breakfast, Tuesday. It was held at the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School in West Columbia.

This year, its tenth year, Tartan Day South attracted a record-breaking crowd of 13,000 to the four-day event held at the Historic Columbia Speedway in Cayce, Banks said.

Chamber President Tim James read a resolution presented to Banks. In part it reads: “Whereas, in the passion of promoting Tourism and to bring something new to the Mid-State region, since its inception Tartan Day South has strived to have entertainment and culture that highlights the Celtic Nations of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, to include music, British Car Show, dancing, food, sheepdog herding, the sounds of bagpipes and the witnessing of athletes tossing some very heavy items…all of which creates excitement and enthusiasm by all who attend.

“Tartan Day South has also been recognized as the 3rd largest Tartan Day celebration in the United States…..Therefore, on behalf of our Greater CWC community, we extend a debt of gratitude and appreciation to Tartan Day South.”

Chamber Board Member Brad Giles, Board Chair Hayley Bowers, John Banks and Chamber President Tim James.

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