Suspect fleeing Cayce dies after fall at Columbia Convention Center

An officer with the Cayce Police Department noticed a vehicle occupied by two individuals at Guignard Park, at approximately 1:30 AM on Saturday. The park is closed after dark.

As the officer approached the vehicle by foot, the suspect fled the scene in his vehicle. The suspect continued driving at a high rate of speed and was involved in a single car collision at the Columbia Convention Center where he then fled on foot. Officers did not engage in a foot chase as they were attending to the second individual in the car after the collision.

While fleeing on foot, the suspect fell from the top of the upper level balcony at the Convention Center to the lower level, causing his death. The suspect was wanted on non-extradition warrant in Georgia.

Cayce Police Chief, Chris Cowan, stated, “Our officer responded in accordance with his training by calling for additional officers and first checking on the other individual from the single car accident. There was no foot chase initiated.”

Cayce police and the City of Columbia police assisted the passenger of the vehicle in seeking medical attention. Additional information about the suspect will be released from the Richland County Coroner’s Office. 

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