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StarMor Photography joins with “For The Love Of Street Dogs” animal rescue raising funds to help get stray dogs off the street and into homes – Photo sessions: Sat. Sun. – Nov. 11 and 12. 

Renee Frisbie, owner of StarMor Photography, starmorphotography.com, is hosting an event celebrating families this holiday season, Making Spirits Bright. Proceeds will benefit For the Love Of Street Dogs, a local animal rescue.

To celebrate area families, StarMor Photography is offering holiday baking sessions for families on November 11 and 12. The photographer’s creation fee will be donated to For The Love of Street Dogs. 

The team at StarMor Photography works with each family to create an artistic portrait of them “baking holiday cookies”. StarMor Photography is known for their creativity, and these limited edition portraits will result in images of area families that are a fresh, current twist on traditional holiday family portraits. 

“Most of us have photos of us baking or decorating for the holidays. I wanted to create something that could become a part of your treasured holiday décor. I envision these portraits I create as being something that is brought out each year at Christmas time and displayed as your children grow”, said Renee Frisbie. 

The “Making Spirits Bright” event is happening on November 11 and 12. Only 15 sessions are available, by appointment only. Please call 803-369-9790 to inquire about availability. 

I am on a mission to get printed family art work on every family’s walls. Digitals are fun for sharing, but seeing you and your children in print and BIG on the walls of your home every day is so much sweeter. And your kids will get a great sense of pride seeing themselves in print and on the walls of the living room or even their own bedrooms. They feel so special, like a rock star. 

StarMor photography is also very excited to help raise money and awareness for this charity because the owner, Manuela says “ this will never be a business, it’s a passion.” Her love for the animals she is able to help can be felt as she talks about her mission. We are happy to add to her resources to continue her work. 

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