Sen. Nikki Setzler receives Irish flag after South Carolina-Ireland Trade Commission established

Senator Mark Daly visited the South Carolina Statehouse from Ireland earlier this week. On his visit, Daly presented Sen. Nikki Setzler with an Irish Flag. Daly was in Columbia for the passing of a Setzler-supported Resolution that sets up the South Carolina-Ireland Trade Commission.

The South Carolina-Ireland Trade Commission will meet throughout the State to advance bilateral trade and investment between South Carolina and Ireland. The Commission will also:

  • Initiate joint action on policy issues of mutual interest to South Carolina and Ireland;
  • Promote business and academic exchanges between South Carolina and Ireland;
  • Encourage mutual economic support between South Carolina and Ireland;
  • Encourage mutual investment in the infrastructure of South Carolina and Ireland; and
  • Address such other issues as determined by the commission.

The commission will report its findings, results, and recommendations to the Governor, and the General Assembly.

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