Sen. Nikki Setzler becomes the longest-serving senator in South Carolina’s history – Portrait of Setzler to be placed in the Senate Chamber

The South Carolina Senate adopted a Resolution, Tuesday, honoring Sen. Nikki Setzler. As of March 2, 2024, Setzler became the longest-serving senator in South Carolina’s history, surpassing former South Carolina Sen. L. Marion Gressette.

Sen. Nikki Setzler

The Resolution also authorizes the commissioning of a portrait of Senator Setzler that will be placed in the Senate Chamber.

Senator Setzler’s service as a statesman, as a lawmaker, as a champion for constituents, and as a dedicated public servant to his legislative district and to the entire state of South Carolina is exemplary. In his more than forty-eight years in the South Carolina Senate, he has received many accolades, honors, and letters of distinction. However, the commissioning and hanging of his portrait, in the halls in which he served so distinctly, is a pinnacle.

Senator Setzler states: “I am humbled and honored. Quite honestly, I am overcome with emotion. My thoughts immediately moved to the work we have done in South Carolina to improve the lives of our citizens, the great men and women with whom I have had the opportunity to serve, and the true friendships I have been blessed to enjoy. This is a shared honor and a day that I will never

Senator Setzler’s service in South Carolina combined with the distinction he received in 2023 as the longest-serving state senator currently holding office in the United States. (Feature photo by Sen. Thomas McElveen)

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