! A Chick

Riverbank Elementary Kindergarten class watches baby chicks hatch

It’s a lesson in the cycle of life. Kindergarten Teacher Brittney DeRosa is incubating eggs and her students are seeing then chicks hatch in real time.

Brittney DeRosa and Michelle Cullum with incubator eggs

“They are amazed,” DeRosa said.
The expectant eggs were procured by Kindergarten Teacher Amy Brant from Chuck Underhill of West Columbia’s House of Raeford.

The class got the eggs Monday. By Wednesday, one chick had hatched.
“It’s part of our Life Science Unit,” said Michelle Cullum, the assistant in the class. The students keep a journal to chronicle the process of the hatching.

DeRosa explained that the chicks use an egg tooth they develop to help crack the shell in order to break out of the egg.
The live, hands-on nature of the event certainly captures the interest of the five-year-olds, she said.

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