Ricky’s Tire & Auto, with Precision Tune, sets date to reopen

Ricky Branham of Ricky‘s Tire & Auto Center has joined forces with Precision Tune and plans reopen the tire and auto center at 1534 Sunset Boulevard on Oct. 30. Ricky’s closed in July.

Click to see Ricky’s announcement.

Branham announced the planned reopening date on his Facebook page. His message is posted below:

Good morning everybody!!!! Happy Tuesday, I wanted to take a minute and let everybody know everything is on track for reopening the Tire store October 30,at 1534 Sunset Blvd. it is going to reopen as Precision Tune I am so excited for this opportunity to get back in business and to get to see all of my old friends again my new friend Mr. Chad and I have been talking and I would like to do something if you guys are interested??? so please let me know. I would like to cook some pancakes and sausage for you guys next week at the Tire store if you would like to just drop by and say hey, you all know that the hugs and handshakes are always free at Ricky‘s Tire & Auto Center and they will also be free at Precision Tune !!! I just wanted an opportunity to talk to you guys before we get going if you think this is a good idea let me know and we will put it together. I hope everybody has a great day today. Like I said, I am so looking forward to get to see everyone again. God bless you all and have a wonderful wonderful day. (also pick a day.)
love y’all ,Ricky Branham

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