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Republicans win big in Lexington County and statewide

Republicans won all statewide offices on the ballot in Tuesday’s election.

Republican Henry McMaster, with Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette, won re-election, defeating Joe Cunningham/Tally Parham Casey. About 65% of Lexington County voters cast their ballot for McMaster/Evette. The Democrat candidates received about 34% of the vote.

Republican Tim Scott was re-elected as US Senator with 71% of the Lexington County vote over Democrat Krystle Matthews, who received 29% of the Lexington County vote.

Republican US House Rep. Joe Wilson received 69% of the Lexington County vote over Democrat Judd Larkins, who got 31% in Lexington County.

Republican Curtis Loftis, of West Columbia, was re-elected State Treasurer with 83% of the Lexington County vote compared to 17% of the vote for Democrat Sarah Work.

Republican Ellen Weaver won the State Education Superintendent race with 60% of the Lexington County vote over Democrat Lisa Ellis who received 34% of the county’s vote.

Other statewide races that Republicans won were: Hugh Weathers (Agriculture); Mark Hammond (Sec. of State); Richard Eckstrom (Comptroller General); and Alan Wilson (Attorney General.)

In State House races, Republican Micah Caskey of Springdale, who was unopposed, won; Republican RJ May defeated Democrat Daniel Shrief for House Seat 88; Republican Jim Ulmer defeated incumbent Democrat Russell Ott (House Seat 93); Republican Cal Forrest won (House Seat 39); Republican Bill Taylor won House Seat 56 unopposed; Chris Wooten won House Seat 69 unopposed; Nathan Ballentine won House Seat 71 unopposed; Joe White won House Seat 40, unopposed.

Dan Eckstrom was re-elected Probate Judge.

Winners in Lexington County Council races were: Todd Cullum (Cayce-Dist. 9); Glen Conwell (West Columbia-Dist. 8); Beth Carigg (Dist. 7); Larry Brigham (Dist. 2.)

In Lexington County, Almost 73% of all Straight Party voters were GOP. (Cullum and Conwell photos below)

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