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Real Estate School of South Carolina, SC Realty have moved to 1926 Augusta Road, West Columbia

The Real Estate School of South Carolina has moved. It is now at 1926 Augusta Road, West Columbia. The new building is the home of the real estate school, SC Realty and the Marketing Division.

Chip and Melissa

The Real Estate School was at 101 Medical Circle West Columbia, across from Lexington Medical Center. Melissa Sprouse-Browne and Chip Browne, owners of the The Real Estate School, sold that 6,600-sq-ft. building in August. The new space is is a 4,400-sq-ft. facility. Melissa said the real estate school now does more video streaming and does not need as much room.

“This the the former location of the TD Bank,” Melissa said. The Brownes were unpacking boxes and getting settled in Friday. The building has been painted inside and more remodeling will take place to get it ready for real estate classes that begin Sept. 13. New signage is on the way, too. Dr. Dan Handford, CEO at Vitality Spine Center Chiropractors bought the building at 101 Medical Center.

The new Real Estate School of South Carolina has plenty of parking for students. There are also several safes in the former bank and there is a basement level.

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