Public speakers question curriculum content in Lexington 2 schools at Board meeting

Three speakers, during the public participation portion of the Lexington 2 School Board meeting, Thursday, said harmful curriculum content is being allowed into schools and it’s not good for children.

Julie Blankenship of Cayce was the first speaker. She said a political agenda has been allowed to take root in Lexington Two schools and parents have been kept in the dark about it.

Blankenship, Jones, Shull

She said students have been surveyed and asked about which gender-specific pronouns they want to use. Blankenship also said biological gender is not taught based on chromosomes, but ideology related to how the students feel in regard to gender and they are taught that gender is fluid, and is about how you feel. She said high school fights are intimidating students, too.

Next, Susan Jones of West Columbia, spoke.

She said she has six children who went through Lexington Two schools. She now has grandchildren in the schools and she said there is a downward spiral. She said she is concerned that students are promoted to the next grade regardless of achievement.

Jones said no one is held back even if the student does not meet basic academic standards. She said education is not the primary goal of the district and academic standards have been replaced with a political and social agenda.

Jones said parents feel alienated as students have sexual grooming, gender confusion and Critical Race Theory forced on them.

Melanie Shull was the third speaker.

She said she is a graduate of Lexington Two schools and she is a former arts teacher in the district.

“Our home is under assault,” Shull said, from a progressive political agenda. She said the values of Lexington Two families are not protected in the district’s schools.

Shull said environmental, social and governance (or ESG) principles are being promoted in schools along with gender identification ideology and negative racial stereotyping.

Because of the political agenda, Shull said students are fleeing Lexington Two Schools and going to charter schools, private schools, Christian schools and other alternatives.

Shull said the School Board has the responsibility to monitor curriculum. But, she said, students are exposed to instructional materials that promote activism, toxic racial content and gender ideology.

Shull also said the district’s arts programs are moving in a dangerous direction.
She said future policy-making should focus on high standards of excellence not a political agenda.

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