Number of DUIs, collisions and drug crimes spike in Lexington, according to police data

The Lexington Police Department worked 143 collisions in March compared to 101 in February, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Lexington Police Department. That’s a 42 percent increase.

Where were most of the accidents in March in Lexington?
There were 4 collisions at Sunset Blvd. at Corley Mill Rd./Ginny Lane. There were 4 collisions at Sunset Blvd. and Arthur Blvd. and 4 collisions at Sunset Blvd. and Mineral Springs Rd. There were 3 collisions at Augusta Rd. at Dooley Rd.

There were 664 traffic stops in Lexington in March, compared to 659 in February and 560 tickets writing compared to 530 written in February. Failure to yield the right of way was the top reason for crashes at 49 in March. LPD officers wrote 165 speeding tickets for the month.

The LPD responded to 1167 calls for service in March, compared to 870 in February. That’s an incrase of 20 percent.

The number of drug crimes increased to 43 in March compared to 21 in February. The number of alcohol crimes increased from 9 in February to 21 in March. Both categories rose by more than 100 percent. DUI charges increased from 6 in February to 13 in March.

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