No injuries on body found in closed Lexington County motel, remains are unidentified, wearing Batman T-shirt, toxicology results pending

A body was found on Monday in a room of the Motel 6 on Burning Tree Drive in Lexington
County. The Motel has been closed permanently since March 1. Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher said that the body remains unidentified.

The preliminary autopsy results found no apparent injuries and the death will remain pending toxicology

The coroner’s office has more information regarding the John Doe male.

Probable white male, 6’-feet tall, wearing grey and white Adidas athletic shoes with white soles, no socks,
long hair that could be brown or greyish in color that could possibly have been pulled back in a hair tie.
Facial hair that appears long and unkept. Teeth are in poor repair with decay but front teeth are intact.
T-shirt is has a Batman symbol on the front with skulls and a photo is included below

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