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New Miss Bearcat crowned at Brookland-Cayce High School

A new Miss Bearcat was crowned at Brookland-Cayce High School, Monday, and class winners were selected.

Hailey Twiggs – Miss Bearcat

Hailey Twiggs is the 2024 Miss Bearcat replacing the 2023 Miss Bearcat Caroline Hix. Miss Senior is Callie Grace Burgess; Miss Junior is Bailey Crowe; Miss Sophomore is Charli Dawkins; and Miss Freshman is Camryn Arnold.

  • Miss. Freshman – Camryn Arnold
  • Miss. Sophomore – Charli Dawkins
  • 1st runner up- Camila Costeno
  • 2nd runner up- Mary Ellen Shumpert
  • Miss. Junior- Bailey Crowe
  • 1st runner up- Ester Peter
  • 2nd runner up- Shianne Crout
  • Miss. Senior- Callie Grace Burgess
  • 1st runner up- Sara Powell
  • 2nd runner up- Zyon Robinson
  • Miss. Congeniality- Sara Powell
  • Spirit of Miss. Bearcat- Raelyn Arnold
  • Directors Choice- Albani Jackson
  • 1st Runner up to Miss.Bearcat – Kerrigan Buff
  • Miss. Bearcat – Hailey Twiggs

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