Nephron Pharmaceuticals to furlough employees

Large Lexington County employer, Nephron Pharmaceuticals will furlough a number of employees effective Thursday. The company is just outside of Cayce past the I-77 Exit on 12th street Extension. Nephron employs approximately 4,000 full and part-time employees.

Some employees received a message last Thursday. It reads in part: “As a result of business need, (Nephron) management has made the difficult decision to temporarily furlough a number of employees”….”as a temporary cost-savings measure.”

Furloughed employees will not be paid, and will not be allowed to use vacation or sick leave to cover any part of the furlough, but will remain eligible for benefits continuation.

The length of the furlough is indefinite, but the message reads: “While we do not know for certain, we anticipate the furlough will last approximately 90 days.”

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