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Mota Crosslinking Business Academy’s “BEE WELL Fair, Celebrating MCBA’s 3rd Anniversary” is this Saturday, April 27

From Ulises Chavez – PR Manager / Mota Enterprises: Mota Crosslinking Business Academy is excited to announce its upcoming “BEE WELL Fair, Celebrating MCBA’s 3rd Anniversary” at 12 noon, on Saturday April 27, This is a free entrance and community based event for all ages that aims to promote well-being by providing attendees with an immersive experience focused on physical, mental, and emotional wellness.


  • MCBA 633 12th St. West Columbia, SC. 29169

Event Highlights:

  • Fitness Activities: Get moving with a variety of fitness activities designed to energize the body and uplift the spirit.
  • Zumba dance sessions.
  • Nutrition and Wellness awareness: Hear from experts in the fields of nutrition and wellness as they share valuable insights and practical tips for maintaining a balanced diet, supporting immune health, and nurturing overall well-being.
  • Art and Creativity Stations: Unleash your creativity and express yourself through art therapy activities.
  • Community Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community dedicated to well-being and self-care. Foster meaningful connections that inspire and uplift.
    About Mota Enterprises and MCBA

Directed and founded by Vanessa Mota, Mota Enterprises has served as a vital bridge between the business community, publica, and private organizations in our state for more than 10 years. In 2019, Mota Enterprises spearheaded the movement and wrote proclamations recognized and signed by the governor and counties in the state of South Carolina such as: SC Latino – Hispanic Business Day, SC European Business Day, SC Celebrando Black Business Day, SC. Native American Business Day, and SC AAPI Business Day respectively.

In 2019 Mota Enterprises developed and opened the doors of Mota Crosslinking Business Academy, a bilingual-multicultural institution with a global reach, in charge of the continuous education of future entrepreneurs and those already established. MCBA focuses on best serving the multicultural communities by providing programs and curriculums that will enhance their respective businesses. The academy provides programming, training, business consultation, and technical assistance throughout South Carolina. In all of the courses, MCBA tends to award numerous partial and full scholarships to new students. In addition, the Crosslinking Markets program (patent pending) promotes equality, inclusion and diversity. Mota Crosslinking Business Academy is a connecting point for all entrepreneurs that showcase Crosslinking events. These events have become the cornerstone of Mota Crosslinking Business Academy by bringing together entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, cultures and languages.
For any questions in regards to cover or attend this event please contact:
Ulises Chavez- Public Relations Manager – Mota Enterprises LLC
[email protected] 803.477.7780

Join us on a journey to wellness and discover the harmony within. Together, let’s embrace health and cultivate a vibrant and balanced life for our community.

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