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Mota Crosslinking Business Academy celebrates its second anniversary

By Ulises Chavez – Mota Crosslinking Business Academy successfully celebrated its second anniversary on April 22.

Vanessa Mota

Giving back to the community, the academy organized a “FREE International Family Craft Day” where the attendees got to learn from other cultures, business owners and create international crafts.

Aiming to cater to and embrace our mini-entrepreneurs, our very first Crosslinking Coloring Book was released. This coloring book was created with the sole goal of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as it shows characters and individuals from distinct nationalities.

Located in West Columbia, and founded by Vanessa Mota, Mota Crosslinking Business Academy, is a bilingual-multicultural institution with a global reach, providing the community with continuous business programs to future entrepreneurs and those already established.

One successful and growing program without a doubt, is the “Biz for Kidz” program.

Where twice a month successful business owners and CEOs gladly mentor kids. During this CEO kids mentorship journey, the little ones learn the basic skills of the business world. In our 2023 epic year, our goal is to continue enhancing our curriculum and deliver twice as much on scholarships. So far, in 2 years of operations, our academy has graduated more than 95 students from all cultural backgrounds.

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