Little River man jailed in connection with shooting of Lexington resident

Owens (NMBDC Photo)

A Little River man has been jailed in connection with the shooting death of Ryan Burt, 26, of Lexington.
Zachary Paul Owens, 25, was arrested on Saturday, but not charged. Owens is being held at the North Myrtle Beach Detention Center. Charges against him are pending, as an investigation is being conducted by detectives.

Initial report: Lexington man shot in North Myrtle Beach, dies
According to reports in The Sun News of Myrtle Beach, Owens said he shot Burt after being attacked. The incident took place at 2306 N. Ocean Boulevard, near a North Myrtle Beach restaurant. Owens said he fired in self defense. Burt, 26, of Lexington died at 1:05 a.m. at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center, according to Darris Fowler, Horry County deputy coroner.
A North Myrtle Beach police officer responded to the incident, said Pat Dowling, North Myrtle Beach city spokesman. The officer reported that a group of people gathered in a dirt parking lot beside the business on Ocean Boulevard. They were standing around Burt, who was lying on the ground. An officer then noticed Burt had been shot multiple times in the chest area.
EMS was called and backup officers came to the scene. Burt was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center where he died.
Dowling said Owens contacted the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety. Owens told investigators he was leaving the restaurant, and was going home, when Burt began yelling at him from across the parking lot. Owens said he was beside his car smoking a cigarette, and Burt approached him, aggressively. Owens said he is not sure why Burt came toward him. Owens then reached into the glove compartment of his vehicle and pulled out his gun.
Owens said Burt began hitting him in the face with his fist. He said he told Burt to stop or he would shoot. Owens said Burt continued to strike him. He said he feared for his safety, so he shot the victim multiple times.
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