Lexington County Sheriff’s deputies catch thief who stole a meat products truck in Red Bank, according to Facebook posts

Facebook lit up with photos and reports of a chase in progress in Red Bank, Friday. Click for link to post

Barry Lyle posted: “The craziest things seem to happen at the Red Bank Walmart. Was getting groceries loaded in my car and then all of a sudden two Lexington (County Sheriff’s) cars chased a Boar’s Head box truck up the hill by the cell tower. Five more Lexington (Sheriff’s cars) followed, 2 state troopers and an ambulance arrived. Don’t get to see that every day!”

One report said: “The delivery driver was making his last delivery to Publix and the truck was stolen from there. The guy that stole the truck hit a couple cars (including a police car), drove up the dirt road behind the Walmart, ended up jumping out and running….Police/sheriff caught the man who stole the Boars Head truck..he was in the woods behind Walmart

Another post read: “I was there. Someone took a Boar Heads truck. Lex Co intentionally tried to stop him. He veered towards me but the thief was able to gain control of the box truck then proceeded to turn left pass(ed) the pharmacy and the back of Walmart into the woods!! His back door was open spilling boards all over the road…..

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