Lexington County Coroner looking for families of the deceased to return personal property

Coroner Margaret Fisher- LCCO photo.

Letter from the Lexington County Coroner’s Office  

The Lexington County Coroner’s Office is looking for families of deceased persons who have personal effects and/or property at the Coroner’s Office that has not been claimed and returned.

The death of a family member or close friend is one of the most traumatic events that an individual can endure in a lifetime. Ensuring that the needs of survivors are identified and every effort is made to meet those needs is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. The return of personal items of a deceased individual, although difficult and upsetting for families, may help preserve memories and hold strong emotional meanings. We are aware of the huge emotional or sentimental value that personal effects may hold regardless of the item’s size,
appearance or monetary value.

Since taking office in November of 2014, I have worked diligently with our Deputy Coroners to promptly return the personal effects/property of those who died in Lexington County to their surviving family members. In our continuing effort to serve the citizens of Lexington County to the best of our ability, we are trying to locate family members who have lost a loved one and, for unknown reasons, did not promptly receive the personal effects/property. I am providing a list of the deceased individuals, including their dates of birth and death, for whom
the Lexington County Coroner’s Office has personal effects/property to return to their families/loved ones.

Please note:
 If you are the legal next of kin of a deceased person or have any information that may help us locate the next of kin, please call or visit our office between the hours of
10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; property may not be picked up outside of these hours due to the schedule of the Property/Evidence Custodian.

 If our office deems that you are the legal next of kin of a deceased person, you will need photo identification in order to pick up any personal effects/property of your loved one.

 We will not give out any information over the phone or in person as to what the property is unless you have been deemed the legal next of kin.

 Our office will not mail personal effects/property. All items must be picked up in person with photo identification.

 We will not respond to messages posted to our Facebook page regarding personal property.

We have been successful in returning many personal effects to families and loved ones recently. By releasing this list, it is our wish to reunite a loved one with what may be a treasured
reminder of a special time, a shared occasion, or perhaps a gift of love to a parent or child.

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