Lexington 2 Transition Fair for parents and/or guardians of special needs students is Tuesday

The second annual Lexington 2 Transition Fair is Tuesday, March 5. This event will be held at the Innovation Center beginning at 5:30pm and ending at 7 pm.

It is geared toward parents and/or guardians of students who are being served by special services in the Lexington 2 school district.

There will be numerous organizations from around the state, as well as from the local community, for families to speak with in regard to services that they provide.

Many parents and/or guardians want to receive help from organizations, but they are not sure of what is available to them. More than 30 agencies have been invited to the event in hopes that families will be able to gather information, along with contact information, for agencies that may be beneficial for their specific needs.

The transition fair is open to parents and/or guardians of students served by special services of all ages. It is also a great event for us as special needs educators to gather resources on the agencies that serve students outside of what teachers can provide.

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