Lexington 2 announces Junior Scholars for 2015-16

Lexington School District 2 has released its list of 2015-2016 Junior Scholarssc flag

The South Carolina Junior Scholars Program was developed by the South Carolina Department of Education to identify eighth grade students with exceptional academic talent and to develop strategies for inclusion into special programs.

The Junior Scholars are:

Busbee Center Academy for the Arts

Paw Der

Asher Kayjuniorscholars

Fulmer Middle School

Byron Breton Jimenez

Nicholas Noah

Novean Singletary

Tyson Smith

Northside Middle School

Jacob Blalock

Alexander Bull

Brandon Cassidy

Joe Castles

Daniel Coble

Nathan Corley

Jacob Hewitt

Bode Hooker

Ma’Liah Maddox

Mitchell Stevens

Edward Welch

Pine Ridge Middle School

Rose Branton

Katie Kyzer

Samuel LaFrage

Emely Sandoval Hernandez

Williams Simms

Liana Wiley

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