Lexington 2 and Lexington 4 Adult Education awards 120 with diplomas or GEDs

Some members of the Class of 2019 at Lexington Two’s adult education center pose after the May 28 ceremony.

While high school seniors prepared for their graduations Thursday and Friday, Lexington Two celebrated another group of graduates earlier this week.

Nearly 120 people received their high school diplomas or GEDs through the award-winning Lexington Two and Lexington Four Adult Education program. The May 28 ceremony included speeches and a reception.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have found my peace! I’ve found my goals, my ambitions,” Julian Santaella said in one of the evening’s commencement speeches. “And I’ve discovered my self-worth.”

The adult education program includes a number of classes — all free — for students who left school without a diploma. In addition to GED preparation and high school diploma completion, the adult education program offers Career Readiness Certificate preparation, academic refreshers and English for speakers of other languages. Services also are available to help with employment, training and college admission.

Aggie Green, who also gave a commencement speech, spoke about how the faculty and staff greeted students each day with “unmatched motivation and companionship … and truly wanted to see us succeed.”

That makes Director Christy Henderson proud.

“I feel very fortunate. I am fortunate that they chose us to go along this journey with them. I feel proud because I know their stories and the obstacles they have had to overcome to reach their goals. And finally I feel hopeful. I am hopeful that earning a secondary credential will launch them into a fulfilling career that will make them a positive, contributing member of our local community and one day they can help someone else along the way.”

Registration for the next session opens August 12. For information, call (803) 739-4048.

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