Hillary Clinton is primary winner in Lexington County

Clinton spoke at Brookland Baptist Church’s Banquet Center in West Columbia, Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton was the big winner in Lexington County’s presidential primary for Democrats, Saturday.

In Lexington County, Clinton got 61 percent of the vote. That amounted to 8,810 of the votes cast. Bernie Sanders got 39 percent of the vote or 5,584 ballots cast in his favor.

There are 167,746 registered voters in Lexington County. Of those registered, 8.65 percent voted in Saturday’s primary.

Statewide, 370,719 voters turned out Saturday. That is 12.52 percent of all registered voters in South Carolina.

In the Feb. 20, GOP SC presidential primary, there were 745,405 ballots cast. That was 25.17 percent of all of the state’s voters.

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