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Gray Collegiate Academy in West Columbia moved to 4A from 2A by student multiplier, Brookland-Cayce moves up to 4A, too

Gray Collegiate Academy in West Columbia has been moved up two classifications after the SC High School League implemented realignment, Tuesday. Gray will from a 2A school to 4A.

Other 2A high schools in Region 4 refused to play Gray beginning last school year because Gray had dominated them in several sports. The SC High School League did not penalize the schools for not playing Gray. Moving Gray to a 4A was done to force Gray compete against larger schools. It was done by multiplying the number of students attending Gray. One out-of-zone student attending Gray counted as three students.

Brookland-Cayce and Gilbert have also been re-classified as 4A schools. Airport High School remains in 4A, too.

Since the High School League has gotten involved in the trying to affect the competition classification of Charter schools, the South Carolina legislature is looking at the possibility of moving the SC high School League away from an entity outside of the Department of Education and having control of high school athletics under oversight of the SC DOE.

In a Facebook post to Gray Families, from Gray Principal Dr. Brian Newsome Principal Coach Holmes, Athletic Director, they said:

“There is an appeal process if we choose to go that route, along with submission of amendments to move our school to a different classification. All avenues will be explored and we look forward to reviewing how this will affect our student athletes. Nonetheless, we will continue to provide our athletes a safe, competitive and positive experience to explore athletics at Gray.”

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