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Governor says schools should be opened, with virtual option, football games could begin Sept. 1

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said the state’s school districts should offer in-person school and schools should open on Sept. 8, a day after Labor Day.

McMaster spoke at a news conference Wednesday, where he was joined by South Carolina House Speaker Jay Lucas, Senate President Harvey Peeler.

Gov. Henry McMaster

McMaster said students and parents who do not feel comfortable going back to school because of coronavirus fears, have the option to attend South Carolina’s charter virtual schools. Most districts, like the Lexington Two school district, will offer their own virtual program for 5K through 12 students.

McMaster said the negative effect on the mental health of parents and children because of isolation is too great to deny in-person classes.

“People have to go to work, parents have to go to work, teachers have to go to work everybody wants to get this school started we have to be sure that we’re doing so safely,” McMaster said last week.

The S.C. High School League Executive Committee, also on Wednesday, approved a proposal to push back the start of fall sports competition September because of coronavirus fears.

With the plan approved Wednesday, high school fall sports could start as early as Sept. 1 and as late as Oct. 2. Region games would be played first, and other games possibly added later.

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