Fewer vehicle crashes in West Columbia in June, according to data released by the WCPD

The West Columbia Police Department responded to 3,112 calls for service in June; down from 3,246 calls for service in May and 3,505 in April. Link to WCPD data

Police made 525 traffic stops in June, compared to 668 in May. There were 20 DUI arrests made in June, compared to 19 in May and 11 in April. The WCPD wrote 302 traffic citations in June, compared to 323 in May. There were 59 collisions reported in June compared to 94 in May; 86 in April and 110 in March.

There were 4 intersections where the most vehicle crashes occurred in June. Each intersection record 2 collisions. Those intersections were: Sunset Boulevard and Harbor Drive, Augusta Road and Chris Drive; Augusta Road and Methodist Park Road; and Charleston Highway and Beckham Street.

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