Donald Trump takes Lexington County with 30% of the vote

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Cayce No. 1 voting precinct.

Outsider Donald Trump was the winner of South Carolina’s GOP Presidential Primary Saturday, with 30 percent of the vote. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was next with 24 percent. Sen. Marco Rubio was third with about 21 percent of the county’s vote.

Only about 33 percent (or about 55,000) of the county’s 167,746 registered voters cast a ballot.


Winner: Donald Trump 16,321 votes and 30%

Ted Cruz 24% and 13,167 votes
Marco Rubio 21% and 11,419 votes
Jeb Bush and 9.71%
Ben Carson 8.89%
John Kasich 6.32%


Registered Voters: 167,746
Ballots Cast: 54,834
Voter Turnout: 32.69 %

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