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Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday – West Columbia’s BrickHouse Coffee and The Hideout in Weco can help put some bounce in your day

Daylight Saving Time falls on the second Sunday in March, every year. This year it goes into effect at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 10. 

Akera Sellers at his new location

If you use your smartphone as an alarm, it will adjust automatically. For analog or a digital clock not connected to the Internet, you can set the clock one hour ahead before you go to bed, Saturday night. You get the hour back on the first Sunday in November, when clocks are turned back an hour. 

The idea behind springing forward in March, as the weather warms, is to get more sunlight in the evening. But when we spring forward by turning our clocks ahead by one hour, we lose an hour of sleep time.

What do we gain? Sunsets will occur later in the day with the Daylight Saving Time shift and there will be more minutes of daylight.

One West Columbia business that will be open early Monday morning on the first week of Daylight Saving Time is BrickHouse Gourmet Coffee and Tea Co. at 729 Meeting St. There’s something new about BrickHouse. It recently moved next door, from 725 Meeting Street. 

“We have moved into our new location and we want to let everyone know we’re here for them on their way to work,” said Akera Seller, BrickHouse owner. He said there is plenty of parking on either side of his new location, and there is parking in the back.  

The Hideout in WECO

Akera also said there is adequate seating at the new location and he invites his customers in to see the new place. We’re right next door to our old location,” Akera said. “We’re easy to find. The new location is the perfect size. It’s customized and personalized and it’s a little smaller and more intimate.” 

“BrickHouse became one of my favorites when it was at the old location and I love the new location. It’s very comfortable with plenty of room,” said Emmylou Todd. “I ordered the mocha lavender vanilla latte. It’s the best. I like everything I try at BrickHouse. That’s why I’m a regular.”

Akera said coffee-lovers are attracted to BrickHouse because of its high-quality. The hand-picked coffee beans of BrickHouse are imported from coffee-growers from around the world. BrickHouse offers whole bean, French pressed, slow drip, cold brew and espresso grounds. Gourmet tea options include herbal, Tisane, and loose leaf. 

And if you need a little breakfast to help pick you up on the first week of Daylight Saving Time, BrickHouse has pastries and fruit to nibble on with your coffee.

Emmylou Todd at BrickHouse

The Hideout in WECO Coffee Shop is another West Columbia favorite for an early morning jolt of Joe as you navigate Daylight saving.

“We have all types of coffee,” said Manager Maddie Sims. “We serve hot coffee, iced coffee, frozen coffee and smoothies.” 

Maddie said creativity when it comes to the drinks is the tradition at The Hideout.

Some flavors include: the snickerdoodle hot chocolate; the honey nut cheerio cold brew; the Hound Dog (inspired by the Elvis sandwich) smoothie with peanut butter, bacon, and banana with maple syrup and yogurt; the black banana pudding smoothie; and the gingersnap latte. 

You can also fuel up at The Hideout. It offers a café-style breakfast featuring croissant sandwiches, and quiches.

Sims said a favorite at The Hideout is the tartine, an open-face sandwich made with fresh and authentic ingredients. And the turkey and veggie croissant sandwich is great. It has avocado, red onion, spinach, and  tomato on it. 

So if you have a little trouble adjusting to the loss of a Daylight Saving hour next week, West Columbia coffee vendors can help you get the spark you need to get used to the new hours. 
What other locations are open early for coffee?:

  • The Original Brunches – 2245 Leaphart Rd – (803) 791-7477
  • Jimmy’s Mini Mart/Citgo – 812 Meeting St. – (803) 794-0090
  • Café Strudel – 300 State St. – 803 – 926-5255
  • Breakfast at Ruiz – 116 State Street – (803) 550-9681
  • Another Broken Egg – 101 State St. – (803) 829-0223
  • Lizard’s Thicket – 2234 Sunset Blvd. – 803 – 794-0923

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