Congaree River crests at 18 feet on Saturday, according to Congaree Riverkeeper

The Congaree River in Columbia crested at just over 18 feet earlier on Saturday afternoon, according to the Congaree Riverkeeper. (Click for link to Congaree Riverkeeper) The river started to recede the same day. The cofferdam at the Gervais Street Bridge was under water again, an occurrence that dam designers anticipated for the winter months.

According to the Congaree Riverkeeper, the Congaree River at Congaree National Park was at just over 17 feet, and will remain in minor flood stage for the next few days. That means most of the floodplain and many of trails at the park are underwater. The City of West Columbia closed its Riverwalk late last week. Cayce closed the Cayce Riverwalk and Timmerman Trail, too.

The Iceman/Millrace Massacre kayak races were held on the river, Saturday. The photo below is from the Congaree RiverkeeperClick for link to Congaree Riverkeeper

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