Columbia Police Officer hurt and gang member suspect taken into custody after shots fired in the Greystone Boulevard area of Columbia

A Columbia Police Officer was hurt and a suspect has been taken into custody after reports of shots fired in the Stoneridge Drive and Greystone Boulevard area of Columbia, Tuesday. How the officer was hurt – by gunfire or some other injury- has not been reported. Click here

Press Conference

Columbia Police Deputy Chief Melron Kelly said the suspect, age 26, was shot, but he is ok. the suspect is a gang member and prohibited, by law, from using a firearm because he was on probation.

A CPD officer stepped out of his police car and he was fired at. The suspect was also shot during the first exchange by a Columbia police officer.

Sheriff Leon Lott said a Richland County Sheriff’s Department car was hit by gunfire, too.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Department (SLED) and the State Highway Patrol (SHP) were also on the scene. There was a helicopter there, too.

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