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City of West Columbia wins 2021 Award of Excellence from the SC Community Development Association

The City of West Columbia has won the 2021 Award of Excellence from the South Carolina Community Development Association.

City Administrator Brian Carter speaks to city council

West Columbia City Administrator Brian Carter announced the winning of the award at the City Council meeting, Tuesday. West Columbia Grant Writer Tara Greenwood and Economic Development Director BJ Unthank presented information regarding West Columbia’s growth and redevelopment at the SCCDA’s meeting Tuesday. The City of Greenville finished second.

West Columbia’s community redevelopment projects have “significantly improved the community” and serve as a catalyst for the city’s future quality of life, Carter said as he mentioned the factors that contributed to the receiving of the award. “We are very proud of our people,” Carter said.

West Columbia Mayor Tem Miles praised the city’s staff for “all of their hard work” to make the Award of Excellence possible.

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