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City of West Columbia provides culture of success for its employees, to the benefit of residents 

The City of West Columbia recognized 31 of its employees, Tuesday, for 5-to-35 years-of-service.

The median employee tenure in the US was less than five years in 2023, according to The Career Report by Zippia, an employment agency.

WeCoStrong Award recipient, Jamie Hook. Tem Miles, Brian Carter

Of the 31 employees recognized by the City of West Columbia, Tuesday, 8 of them have been with the city for 20-or-more years.

Robbie Martin was recognized for 20 years of service with the City of West Columbia and Brian Carter, Tracy Sheppard, Ina Stripes and Ellen Ravenell were recognized for 25 years of service. With 30 years of service are Mark Jones and Kenneth Simon. Ronnie Dreher has 35 years of service with the City of West Columbia.

“I’m thankful every day for each and every City of West Columbia employee that has decided to make a career here,” said West Columbia Mayor Tem Miles. “They’ve made it so much easier to serve on city council and to serve as mayor.” 

West Columbia employees are efficient, too. West Columbia is rated high for city services, including fire protection, safety provided by the police and performance by the sanitation department. West Columbia utility rates for water are among the lowest in the state and the process for business services in West Columbia draws praise from business owners.  

Mayor Tem Miles with Fire Chief Marquis Solomon

Company culture, employee engagement, clear communication, consistent management and transparency are factors in retaining a steady workforce , according to Forbes Advisor.

West Columbia City Administrator Brian Carter said there’s a positive culture for City of West Columbia employees.

“We take care of each other,” he said. “We’re like a family.” Carter described a “Wellness Committee” formed by employees that helps find services for co-workers and encourages healthy habits for each other. The WeCoStrong Award program is another morale-builder.

Carter also said the enthusiasm from city employees is enhanced by the people of West Columbia.

Ashton Miles and Trenton Taylor

“The citizens take good care of the people who work for the city,” he said. “The people appreciate city employees who are providing services for the public. City employees are seen as important and they see honor in public service.”

Another component of employee retention is placing emphasis on teamwork and collaboration to increase employee engagement.
Carter said city employees are able to meet the tasks placed before them because the city’s staff works together to help each other.

With a workforce that is strengthened by loyalty, contentment and staff retention, the City of West Columbia scores well. Because the city’s management team provides an encouraging atmosphere, West Columbia residents benefit. 

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