Cayce Police Department takes part in International Movement to Address the Stigmas Surrounding Sexual Violence

CAYCE, SC – The Cayce Police Department will partner with community groups to raise awareness and end the stigmas surrounding sexual violence by joining the International Denim Day initiative. Peace Over Violence developed the Denim Day campaign in response to the most historic victim shaming and sexual assault case in history, whose story can be found here.

“Giving victims a safe place to report and know that they will be believed is critical to empower, support, and lift victims up; for them to have the necessary tools to move forward. It is imperative to bring awareness against sexual assault and that is why Cayce PD is uniting forces with Serve & Connect and Pathways to Healing for Denim Day,” exclaimed Cayce Police Chief, Chris Cowan.

On April 24, in honor of Denim Day and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, join the Cayce PD in raising awareness. For *$10, you can help raise awareness by sponsoring one of our Cayce PD team members on Denim Day. They will wear denim and join thousands of people across the globe in making a social statement of protest about the misconceptions and stigmas that surround sexual violence.

“Bringing awareness to sexual assault isn’t just about shedding light on the shadows of abuse; it’s about igniting a beacon of hope, empowerment, and action. Serve and Connect is proud to partner with the Cayce Police Department and Pathways to Healing to take a stand against sexual assault.”  Kimberly Dennis, Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships, Serve and Connect. 

“Survivors of sexual violence often feel unseen and unheard. One of the best ways to support a survivor is for the community to let them know we believe them and what happened is not their fault. Along with Cayce Police Department and Serve and Connect, Pathways to Healing’s team will wear jeans on denim day to show survivors our community stands with them.”  Rebecca Lorick, Executive Director, Pathways to Healing.

*The $10 may be paid directly to the Cayce Public Safety Foundation. QR code attached.

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