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Cayce Police Department announces safety initiative to help protect older citizens from criminals

The Cayce Police Department has announced an initiative focused on the safety of the elderly and aging population in Cayce. C.A.S.E.Cayce Assisting Seniors and Elderly, is geared toward serving and advocating for those in advanced years of life through actively engaging their minds, bodies, and spirits. The Cayce Police Department is launching the new program to reduce crime and protect the vulnerable population in our communities. Specifically, C.A.S.E. is being unveiled during the holidays as a reminder that it is this time of year when criminals often target our senior and elderly populations.

C.A.S.E. will focus on these concepts:

  1. Through partnerships with our churches, service organizations and community leaders we will identify citizens who are part of our senior or elderly population that may need assistance. We will then check on them regularly to make sure they are being cared for, are not being victimized, and checking to see if they need any support.  
  2. Through these partnerships, we will provide free training opportunities and connect our partners with important resources that will reinforce the support of our CASE program.

Our initial priority is identifying and enrolling anyone that is elderly or aging that may need our support. Once citizens are enrolled, we will begin checking on them, connecting them with needed resources, and providing them with helpful crime prevention tips. Citizens can sign up for this FREE service by going to, filling out the online form, and then emailing it to  [email protected] or by calling 803-550-9549. 

“Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility, not just law enforcement. We encourage seniors to enroll and receive our help and learn how to use extra caution to avoid being a victim of crime. We hope you will share these tips with your neighbors and friends, so that our message is clear: we are working together as a community to keep criminals out of our Cayce neighborhoods!” stated Cayce Police Chief, Chris Cowan.

*The link to enroll in the program is

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