Cayce Fire Department releases 2023 call data, cooking fires, the top reason for responding

The Cayce Fire Department has released its data for the 2023 calendar year.
The CPD received 2106 total calls; 1991 primary calls and 106 mutual aid from other fire departments.

Link to CFD data

There 51 structure fires that the CFD responded to in 2023. Cooking was the No. 1 cause of fire in 2023.
Cayce FD responded to 25 vehicle fires, 11 natural vegetation fires, 3 trash fires and 1 mobile home fire.
The CFD estimates more than $4.7 million was saved by its response and extinguishing the fires.

The fire department responded to 980 medical calls, 21 technical rescues and 275 vehicle collisions.
There were 113 lift assistance calls, 103 public service calls, 123 canceled in route and 181 false alarms.

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