Cayce DPS press conference regarding the Faye Swetlik murder case is cancelled

A news conference to release information regarding the 2020 Faye Swetlik kidnapping and murder case has been canceled. It was scheduled for Friday in response Freedom of Information Act requests from media outlets.

Vigil for Faye in 2020

The Cayce Department of Public Safety released the following statement:

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) press announcement for local members of the media with the Cayce Department of Public Safety Director, Byron Snellgrove, has been canceled. The previous invitation, information and guidelines for the FOIA press announcement were disregarded by some outlets and inaccurate information was reported on June 28 and June 29. All members of the media that submitted a FOIA request will have their responses mailed on Friday. The questions you each submitted this week will also be answered in the FOIA responses. We intend for that to conclude our communication on this case. The family of Faye Swetlik requests that you respect their privacy, honor her memory, and not contact them. Thank you for the compassion and professionalism you showed in reporting this case.

Release of photos and videos in connection to the Swetlik kidnapping and murder investigation were expected during the press conference.

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