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Cayce City Council takes step that could lead to the construction of 12 new houses on Lexington Avenue lot, near the vacant Cayce Grammar School

Cayce City Council has voted to sell a portion of a lot the city owns on Lexington Avenue. The property is at Lexington Avenue and 3rd Street. What is left of the vacant Cayce Grammar School sits on a corner of the two-acre property.

Cayce Grammar School

A company called Cypress Commercial and Investment Real Estate wants to build 12 single-family homes on the site, according to Cayce City Councilman Byron Thomas. He represents Dist. 2, where the property is.

Thomas said the vote to sell the property to the developer will allow for the return of the money to the city’s residents.

Second reading on the selling of the property is pending and other issues, including zoning, still need to be addressed. But once the developer has ownership of the whole parcel it can begin the construction process for the 12 new houses. Half of the new homes would front Lexington Avenue and the other half would front Poplar Street. No timeline for the project has been finalized.

To develop the property, the part of Cayce Grammar School that still stands, would be torn down. The school has been unused for years and it is in disrepair.

Thomas said the Cayce Avenues are a highly sought-after area of the city and he welcomes the addition of new residential development to Cayce. He also said the new homes would bring in families and that would help revitalize the area. He said he hopes it spurs more investment for Cayce.

“We want to send a positive message to all developers that Cayce will work with you,” Thomas said. “We want to show everyone that Cayce is a great place to live, work and play.”

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