Candidate for Lexington County Sheriff, Garry Rozier, removed from primary ballot, attorney asks for restraining order to keep name on the ballot

The SC Republican Party has told Garry Rozier he does not meet the residency requirements to run for Lexington County Sheriff. Rozier owns a home in Newberry County, but he said he has lived in Lexington County for more than a year. Also running in the June 11, GOP Primary are: Incumbent Sheriff Jay Koon and Billy Warren.

Rozier from his Facebook page.

Lexington Attorney Rich Bolen said Rozier has lived in Lexington County for more than a year. On Tuesday, Bolen asked for a temporary retraining order to stop Rozier’s name from being taken off the ballot. Bolen said ballots will be printed soon and Rozier wants more time to prove that he is eligible to run for sheriff in Lexington County.

“He moved to Lexington County before the deadline to run for office,” Bolen said.

Bolen said Rozier moved to Lexington County in January of 2023 and submitted several documents, including a signed lease agreement, to prove he met the residency requirements, but received an email from the SCGOP telling him he did not meet the residency requirements.

Bolen said Rozier’s driver’s license and voter registration were submitted when he filed to run for sheriff and Rozier also turned over documentation from the Newberry County auditor’s office to show that he had moved.

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