Brookland-Cayce students celebrate Spanish culture

Brookland-Cayce High School Assistant Principal Brenton Coe listened as a group of students in his mentoring group talked about how they wanted the school to learn a bit more about them.

Asst. Prin. Brenton Coe

That casual conversation among Coe’s ESOL students in the Young Men/Women of Character and Distinction resulted in the recent schoolwide “Celebration of Spanish Culture.” The event included singing, dancing, food, and halls and doors decorated with history about Spanish countries and cultures represented at Brookland-Cayce.

The day was so popular that “students have begun asking if we can highlight a different heritage every month to celebrate all cultures in our building,” Coe said. “We’d like to see about having more events and celebrations moving forward to show our students how important and differently wonderful they all are.”

Coe said the event was so successful because of the many hands in the Brookland-Cayce family that joined in to help.

“BC is filled with wonderful people who love and care for each other and our students,” he said. “This event was only possible because of the teachers, staff, and students working together. I can’t thank them enough.”

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